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03 August 2007 @ 05:27 pm

Check out this awesome video. It is so Sammy. Love you Emo!!
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12 January 2006 @ 05:01 pm
My shapeshifter self had Sammy tied up against a pole and said some really crappy things to him while practically molesting him, and all I can think about now is how bad I wish it had been me tied to that pole being tormented by myself. WHAT THE FUCK?!

Jesus, what is wrong with me? How the hell can I get so turned on by myself? I'm sure there has to be a disorder for my sickness; maybe narcissism with a dash of masochist? I am one sick puppy that's for sure, but I would love to have just one night alone with that shapeshifter...I've always wondered what it would it be like to suck my own dick or to lick my own ass,

Must get therapy now!
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01 January 2006 @ 10:30 am
Sam and I are up in Pennsylvania, and I am beginning to get the feeling that he is keeping something from me. He's not sleeping well, he has nightmares when he does sleep, and he's bitchier than usual. I know that he is mourning Jess' death, and that he is arguing with Dad again (over the Internet if you can believe that shit), and I feel like I 'm having to referee between the two of them and it's getting old really quick. Is it even possible to have a Cyberworld fight that needs a referee to keep it under control?

On a lighter note, I hooked up with two chicks last night (Dawn and Debbie) and they worshiped me and each other all night. I'm stiff (no pun intended) and slightly hungover this morning, but it felt good letting off some steam and having some fun. I wish I could get Sam to relax more, but all he wants to do is cuddle and "make love"; although as far as I'm concerned it's more like a jackrabbit humping me...I really should teach that boy how to get his groove on.
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01 December 2005 @ 08:33 pm
So, my little bogus journey with Sam has started, and he wants me to talk about our perfect little relationship using this journal, but I'm like, "What the fuck for? Aren't we already doing that on the Bitch and Jerk page?"

So, fuck you Sammy! This bitch of a journal is mine, and I'm going to use it talk about my ladies, my perfect self, and my hopes and dreams (lol!-what the hell are those?)
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